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The Buying Procedure for apartment buyers

The Buying Procedure for apartment buyers

Viewing trip:

Before you come for a viewing trip it is a good idea to visit your bank to sort out your finances. Thus you know you are able to buy your dream home when you find it. Then you can buy the plane tickets for the time most suitable for you, and just let us know when you are coming. We will then arrange for you accommodation for maximum one week and aiport transfers. If you decide to buy with us we will then refund the price of the tickets. We organize private viewings so you can visit the properties that interest you.

Signing the contract:

We will draw up a contract if you decide to buy a property. We will make sure that there are no previous pawns or loans for that apartment. A deposit of 1000€ is paid when signing the contract and that price is deducted from the purchasing price.

The contract includes all the necessary information about the real estate agent, the buyer, the seller, the property and the payment plan. The payment plan for the property varies according to different properties but as a general rule the full purchasing price must have been paid by the time the buyer receives the new TAPU.

Power of Attorney:

To make things easier for you as a buyer we recommend that you give us the power of attorney. This way we can act on behalf of you and sign all the necessary papers needed for the buying process. Notarius Publicus and an official interpreter write our papers for the power of attorney. This power of attorney gives us ie. the right to pick up your TAPU and make contracts for electricity and water for you. If there are several buyers all the names should be mentioned in the paper.

Tax number/Bank account:

We help you with all the practical matters, such as as getting a tax number and fixing up a personal bank account to a Turkish bank.

Title Deed ( Tapu ):

Title deed is in Turkish TAPU and it gives you the ownership rights to your property. TAPU is a legal document establishing the absolute ownership right to the acquired Property in Turkey.
All necessary documents are submitted to the office of property registration Tapu and Cadastre of the city and the district where the property was acquired. Registering and obtaining the Tapu(Title Deed) for a foreign citizen takes 1-3 days.

After the completion of all procedures required for the process of transferring a property ownership.

whatsappI would like to get more information about buying a property in Turkey.
whatsappI would like to get more information about buying a property in Turkey.